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Ecoshine and Ecoclean are formulated to provide efficient and economical cleaning/protection while retaining its non-toxic, biodegradable and solvent-free benefits. They want to give you the best products for cleanliness and protection, that’s easy and keeps you and the environment in mind. All products VOC compliant.

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IGL Travel Kit

Perfect for the glove box or the trunk and perfect size for when you are traveling. Each kit contains 60ml bottles of Ecoclean Glass, Interior, Multi and Wash, as well as 60ml bottles of Ecoshine Dash and Tyre.

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Ecoclean Wash

A water-based shampoo that cleanses, conditions and protects your vehicle in one easy step. IGL’s unique blend of surfactant and waxes deeply provides sufficient lubrication for dirt removal and maintains the cleanliness of the vehicle for a longer period.


Ecocoat Wax

Refreshes weathered paint finishes & removes micro scratches by filling super fine scratches & swirl marks on existing paint work. It strongly bonds to the painted surfaces it is applied to. This results in an extremely reflective, hydrophobic surface that is extremely easy to clean, repels water, oil and dirt that that can last up to 3 months.

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Ecoclean Air

A natural deodorizer that eliminates foul odor instead of masking them. Ecoclean Air effectively traps and suppresses foul odors in your car preventing them from being released back into the air. Simply spray on the affected surface and let the formula go to work on your toughest smells.

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Ecoclean Interior

A natural and powerful textile cleaner. Formulated using a powerful soy-based solvent, this product easily lifts stains away from your fabric. Plus, there’s no sticky residue left behind, just fresh and clean

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Ecoclean Glass+

A water-based powerful watermark remover. It is formulated to counter the severe water spotting issue in tropical countries with high amount of rain. Removal of watermark had never been easier.


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Ecoclean Glass

A natural and powerful window cleaner that is streak free and produces great shine. Ecoclean Glass combines plant-derived ingredients and natural minerals to easily dissolve bugs, fingerprints and more

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Ecoclean Multi

A natural cleaner that removes grease, oil, dust and dirt dissolve with ease. A unique blend of natural ingredients that provides powerful cleaning effect. Virtually safe for almost all surface.


Ecoclean Clay

Designed to give your paint a “smooth as glass” feel without the difficulty of using clay bar. It cleanses & decontaminates the surface in one step. Used properly, Ecoclean Clay easily pulls off over-spray, rail dust, industrial fallout and contamination that are embedded onto the surface.

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Ecoclean Iron

A low odor water-based, highly effective, acid-free & pH balanced (~7pH) iron remover. It is also effective and safe for use on all car surfaces and will not deteriorate clear coats. Ecoclean Iron contains unique chemical ingredients that effectively dissolves the sintered iron by forming a water-soluble iron complex and putting a stop to corrosion.

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Ecoclean Tar

A soy-based cleaner that removes tar, tree sap and bugs with ease.  A unique blend of natural ingredients ensures powerful results.  Formulated to attach to surfaces for a longer period and safe for every paint.

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Ecoclean Multi

A natural cleaner that removes grease, oil, dust and dirt dissolve with ease. A unique blend of natural ingredients that provides powerful cleaning effect. Virtually safe for almost all surface.

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Ecoshine Compound F1

An excellent one-step product. Formulated to be highly efficient at correcting paint that are failing, dull, marred and P1500-P3000 sand scratches. Creates an extremely deep gloss, with virtually no halos and hologram It may be used both on oxidized surfaces and new fully dried paints.

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Ecoshine Polish F2

A super-efficient cutting-polishing diminishing polish. This is due to IGL’s diminishing abrasive that breaks down when exposed to friction. This allows the removal of scratches, dullness and medium to coarse sanding marks such as P1500-P2000. It may be used on both oxidized and new fully dried paints.


Ecoshine Finish F3

IGL’s abrasive based finishing formula with high performance polishing agents. It will easily remove light dullness, swirls, polishing marks, holograms and fine sanding marks such as P4000-P5000. It creates an amazing deep gloss finishing and restoring original paint brightness.


Ecoshine Enhancer

A water-based, hybrid, quick detail formulation with superb durable hydrophobic and gloss enhancing effects that is safe to be applied on all exterior parts of your vehicle. It creates a surface that is slick, glossy and protected. Enhancer can be used when the vehicle is dry or when it is still wet after a wash. When used after a wash, it aids drying.

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Ecoshine Paint

A water-based, spray-on/wipe-off cleaner which safely removes surface contaminants & leaves your car absolutely spotless. It is designed to ‘lift’ dirt away while the powerful surfactants break down road grime. Creates a smooth & protected finish with less dirt pick up.


Ecoshine Tyre

A water-based dressing that conditions and protects your tires in one easy step. IGL’s unique blend of emollients and waxes deeply penetrate beneath the rubber surface to give tires a non-greasy and sling-resistant dressing.


Ecoshine Dash

A water-based dashboard protectant that provides a natural look. IGL’s bio-based ingredients protect and condition, but don’t give you a toxic-fume headache. Protects vinyl, trim, and plastic.

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Ecoshine Leather

A natural 2-in-1 cleaner & conditioner for your car’s interior. IGL’s bio-based formula contains plant-based emollients & conditioning agents which naturally lift contaminants from the leather pores. The treated leather will have a rich & nourished surface.

Quick Reference

VOC (volatile organic compounds)- emitted gases harmful to humans and the environment

Hydrophobic- repels water

Silica- found in glass-like surfaces

Harsh chemical sources: water spots, bugs, bird poop

Why ceramic?  It creates a strong bond with surfaces, meaning that it doesn’t wash away or break down, which allows for long-term protection